Cross H Ranch Hunting

Our all-inclusive hunting packages include everything from picking you up from the airport to housing you on our ranch.

Cross H Ranch is built on years of hunting experience. We love hunting and wanted to make our land and animals available for other people to hunt too. Learn more about our hunting options and packages.

Our Animals

We have a variety of game available to hunt.

  • White Tail Deer
  • Quail
  • Aoudad Sheep
  • Ducks

If you are traveling to Cross H and/or don’t own a hunting dog, you are more than welcome to have one of our employees accompany you with our own bird dogs. We just have one rule: Don’t Yell at Our Dogs.


Hunting Camp
4 bedroom 2 bath house

Rock Lodge
3 bedroom 2 bath house



  • License

Around the Ranch

Get to know what’s happening around the ranch on our blog! We have the idiot of the week, fun pictures of happening around the ranch, and other pictures of our ranch.

Take A Look


Contact us today with any questions you have. You can also book a hunt by giving us a call.