Cross H Ranch – Hunting in Post, Texas

Located 48 miles from Lubbock, Texas, Cross H Ranch lies in open plains near Lake Allen Henry. Cross H Ranch supplies miles of trails suitable for riding and hunting. We offer affordable prices and full-fledged service for the ideal hunting trip. One thing is for sure when you come to Cross H Ranch, you are sure to have a good time.


Rich in history, Cross H Ranch has been in the family since 1901.

Texas Historic Landmark

OS Ranch

Founded on open range, 1878, brand was owned in 1881 by R.H. Overall.

Acquired 1901 by W.E. Connell, who had about 200 sections of land.

Ranch House a community center – for barbrcues, roundups, parties. In 1907 it was site of election organizing Garza County.

Recored Texas Historic Landmark – 1966

Around The Ranch

Cross H Ranch isn’t just a ranch. It’s a family. Get to know what’s happening around our neck of the woods on our blog. We even have the coveted award of Idiot of the Week announced each week.

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Cross H Ranch provides grade-a hunting season round. We have an abundance of whitetail, wild hog, quail, dove, and aoudad sheep! Learn more about out hunting packages here.

All-Inclusive Hunting

Our hunting packages are all-inclusive – from picking you up at the airport to staying on our ranch. We provide lodging and you can even use our hunting dogs if you follow our one rule: Don’t Yell at the Dogs.

Get to Know Giles Dalby Jr.

There is never a dull moment with Giles Dalby Jr. Giles is the managing paterner of the Cross H Ranch as well as the S Lazy S Ranch. The ranches have been in his family for 116 years.


Cross H Ranch

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